After being on Blogger for over 6 years I was really nervous about moving. I did think it was time though, Blogger had served me well but it was time to take control of what I wanted on my blog and that could only be done by going self hosted at WordPress. I’ll admit I was terrified, but Laura assured me it would be fine and after handing everything over to her I found the transition painless and quick. Soon my ‘new’ blog was live and I had lost nothing from my previous blog. I was really impressed and I’d recommend Blogger2wp to anyone who is thinking of making this move. I’m so glad I did it, and I’m so glad I had the help I needed to make the move. Laura was there to answer any questions and solve any problems (of which, there were very few.) If I had known how easy it would be I’d have done it much sooner.

Anne Sweet
February 6, 2018