Like a lot of other bloggers on here, I was nervous about moving to self-hosted. What if I lost everything, or it didn’t look right?

You can forget all about that, Laura from Blogger2wp takes care of everything.

She will build your site on a temporary domain, install the software and theme, import your content and set everything up.

This only took a day, but I happily spent a couple of weeks playing around with the design of the site, fonts, colours and widgets to get the look I wanted. Laura was there for any help (and I needed a lot, there’s a lot of choice and I’m not technical at all), but she always responded patiently and walked me through it all.

Whilst all this is happening, your blog is running as normal. Only when you’re happy with the layout do you switch over. There’s no down time – your site is never offline. I think this is thing people worry about, but it’s smooth, worry free and all done for for you.

If you’re thinking of moving your site, or going self-hosted, then you couldn’t do better than Blogger2wp.

5 stars all the way.

Ann-Marie Wilson
August 6, 2018