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What is WordPress?
Wordpress is a “CMS” created specifically for blogging. With that in mind, you can be sure the entire platform is build up around what is best for a blogger.
Is WordPress free?
Yes! WordPress the platform is completely free. You do however need a host for wordpress. There is the free host at or you can go self-hosted.
Will I lose content by moving?
No. We will make sure everything is copied over to WordPress from your blog – that includes all your posts, comments, pictures, followers etc.
Is Self-hosted WordPress better?
Yes. Almost every blogger would agree. WordPress is continuously developing their platform to be better, whereas some other free platforms haven’t really changed anything the last years.
How easy is it to move?
It is very easy. With our fool-proof guide you can easily do it on your own, but you can also have us do everything for you. We don’t charge a penny! Our service is 100% free.
What about my domain?
If you already have your own domain name you can of course continue to use that! If you don’t have one yet, this would be the perfect opportunity to get your own “.com”