We are a young and dynamic team that specializes in professional assistance of moving blogs to wordpress. We have moved more than 400 blogs in the past year and now is finally the time we take our service public!

There are currently no companies, besides expensive professional web agencies, that can help bloggers when they want to move to WordPress and we wanted to change that.

As once having been ‘newbies’ in the tech-world we understand the fear and frustration a change of platform can bring. For that, we wanted to offer a hassle-free service for getting your precious content moved from one platform to the next.

We either offer a ‘guided transfer’, where we basically take care of everything for you. You just sit back and wait until our technicians have moved everything over for you.

Should you prefer to get your own hands ‘dirty’ then we also have a thorough DIY guide freely available for you to follow. When we do a transfer, we follow the exact same guidelines, so it is completely up to you if you want our help, or do it on your own.