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How to Create Your Own Custom Email Address in One Minute or Less

(To be fair – it will take you more than one minute to read through these instructions, but when you see how easy it really is, you’ll be able to set up your own custom email address in one minute or less!).

Our lovely Laura gets a ton of requests from our clients asking her for help to set up their own custom email addresses. It’s super easy for her to do, but not usually practical since she has to explain to them how to go in and change their password after anyways. So after some begging I finally gave in and decided to write this little tutorial on how to set up your own custom email address.

Why Setup Your Own Custom Email Address?

Now that you’ve got a super nice looking blog, courtesy of, why not up your game and complement your influencer status with a custom email address. Imagine emailing a potential brand or client your media kit and having your email address the same as your domain name? No more typical gmail email for you!

As usual, I’m showing these steps based on SiteGround’s dashboard, not just because we like them, but they help pay the bills. Of course, just about any hosting company that uses cPanel would have virtually the same steps so you can expect a similar flow.

I’m going to create a new email for me. Up until now only the lovely Laura has her own personal email address at, so lets change that.

By the way, in case it’s not already clear – you need to have your own custom domain name already and a hosting account where your blog or website located.

Let’s go:

Log into your SiteGround account and click on My Accounts.

Custom email address setup 1


If you have more than one account under your SiteGround login, click on Manage Account for the domain you want to add a custom email address for.
Custom email address setup 2


Click on Go to cPanel.
Custom email address setup 3


Scroll down and look for the Mail section, then click on Email Accounts.
Custom email address setup 4


We only have three boxes to fill in to create you custom email address:
Custom email address setup 5


Fill in the first part of the email name of the custom email address you want next to Email, so this is what will appear before the @ character. Add a password, enter it again, and set your mailbox quota limit. One gigabyte would be 1024 MB. I think this account has a 2,000 MB limit for all email accounts, but higher plans like the GrowBig or GoGeek allow up to 6,000 MB for each custom email address. Now click on Create Account. Done!
Custom email address setup 6


See, I told you that wouldn’t take long.


Accessing Your Custom Email Address

I suppose now you want to access your custom email address right? Of course. Now, I won’t go into too much detail on how to do this as there’s just way too many email programs to consider. But I will show you how to access your new custom email address through webmail, and where to get the required settings so you can use your new email address in your favourite email program like outlook, Mac Mail, or even on your smart phone.

In the same Email Accounts section of the cPanel, find the custom email address you just created and click on More. Then click on Configure Email Client.

Custom email address setup 7


This will take you to an information screen which gives you automated scripts for your preferred email program. I highly recommend setting up your email over SSL for extra security. Simply click on the link under the Protocols column, for example “IMAP over SSL/TLS”, to download the script. After downloading simply double-click the file and watch the script do its magic.

Personally, I’ve never had any luck getting these scripts to work on my Mac, so I just set things up manually. Further down the screen you’ll see the settings you need for manually setting up your email client to send and receive emails from your new custom email address. Copy these details down and then do a quick google search for your particular email client. For example, you can search for “How to set up email account for Outlook for Windows 10“, or “How to set up email account for Mac Mail“. Then follow what ever the best instructions you find using the settings you just recorded.
Custom email address setup 8


If you go back to the My Accounts section of your SiteGround user area, you will see a link you can use to access your custom email address through webmail. On the right there’s also a link to some Email Tutorials provided by SiteGround support. They don’t cover every scenario in there, but if you run into some trouble you might find some answers there.
Custom email address setup 9


I really hope that helps you to get your own custom email address setup. If not, please ask a question in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help you out.


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