Start a blog on wordpress guide

Start a Blog on WordPress – The Complete Guide

How to Start a Blog on WordPress in 20 Minutes

Starting a blog from scratch can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not a technical person. Rest assured you’re not alone.

Many influencers who have started their own fashion blog, beauty blog, travel bog, or whatever kind of blog, have all started somewhere and you can be sure they’re likely not technical either.

Just like these influencers, you’re better at writing and promoting yourself and building followers, the real key to making money from a blog.

So I’m here to help you start a new blog on WordPress! I’ll walk you through each step in the process with detailed screen shots so there’s no confusion on how to start a blog on WordPress.

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Guide to move to

Move from to – The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Move Your Blog from to

If you’re reading this page chances are you already know why you should be using self-hosted WordPress,(aka, it’s differences and benefits, and you’re already thinking of moving from to Compared to all other free blogging platforms, a transfer from to is probably on of the easiest blog to WordPress migrations you could ask for. It kind of makes sense though, since both and use the same core software. This doesn’t mean you can just hit the export and import buttons and expect things to just work. Issues do come up with imports, servers time out without indication, and you need to ensure you maintain your PageRank, SEO, and your followers. A Move from to is well covered in many other high-ranking tutorials you can find with a simple Google search, well kind of. I believe many of these sites simply create these keyword rich articles from other poorly described tutorials only to get traffic and they simply do not address many crucial steps. For example, literally every single one of them will tell you to use the WordPress Importer tool to import your content. Wrong!

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Move from Blogger to WordPress Ultimate Guide

Move from Blogger to WordPress – The Ultimate Guide

Introduction – Transfer Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

If you’re reading this page chances are you already know why you should be using self-hosted WordPress, it’s differences and benefits, and you’re already thinking of moving over to WordPress. A transition from Blogger to WordPress is not difficult, but many other resources on the internet leave out many crucial steps, and honestly, most are simply outdated.

That’s why we created this detailed step by step tutorial for moving from Blogger to WordPress. Read more