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Outfit Your WordPress Site with Premium Themes and Plugins for Much Less

There’s really nothing like the built in functionality and capabilities of premium themes and plugins when building your WordPress blog or website. Premium themes and plugins simply work better, have more features, and are supported and updated much better than free themes and plugins.

However, they come at huge price penalty. This is of course, if you buy them from the developer.
But you don’t have to buy premium themes and plugins direct from the developer. Consider the licensing terms with which the WordPress software is licensed and distributed under. I’ll get into more detail on this later in the article, but for now you just need to know this; you can modify it, distribute it, or resell it, as you wish. And this applies to any derivative software that uses the WordPress license, including themes and plugins.

Let’s say you’re starting your new WordPress blog, or looking to revamp your current website with a new theme, or maybe you want to add a shopping section to your blog, what ever it is, there’s just something about premium themes and plugins that function so much better than any of the free WordPress themes or plugins.

So how do you decide which theme to choose? Or which plugin will work? The last thing you want to do is drop $100 on a Genesis theme and then realize you don’t like it, or it’s just not going to work for your site.

On some of my websites I’ve spent hundreds of dollars getting the functionality I wanted. For example, on, between the theme, WP Job Manager, WooCommerce extensions, AffiliateWP, Ninja Forms, Restrict Content Pro, and many others, I easily spent $1,000. If I had of known back then what I know now, I could easily have built that website for as low as $15!

Introducing Nobuna – Premium Themes and Plugins for Less

It’s time to introduce Nobuna.

Nobuna Logo

Nobuna is able to offer deep discounts on premium WordPress themes and plugins due to the way WordPress itself is licensed, as we mentioned in the introduction.

Here are some of Nobuna’s features:

  • Original Plugin – not a fake or cracked file
  • Up to 90% discount on premium themes and plugins
  • Updates included
  • Activation is not required
  • Themes and plugins available for immediate download
  • Scanned and verified virus free
  • No usage restrictions

Some of the Themes and Plugins Available from Nobuna

  • Elegant Themes
  • Thrive Themes
  • StudioPress – Genesis
  • WPMU Dev
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • WooCommerce Extensions
  • WP Job Manager
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • And many more….


Lets look at some examples;
You’ve heard Genesis themes by StudioPress are one of the best themes available thanks in part to their genesis framework. Their themes load extremely fast, are very SEO friendly, and built with the latest technology. However, you won’t find a Genesis theme for under $99. Except at Nobuna. Individually you can purchase any Genesis/StudioPress themes from Nobuna for under $26 dollars. Some themes are as low as only $6.

Here’s another example;
Compare the incredible Divi theme by Elegant Themes. In order to get the Divi theme from Elegant Themes, you need to sign up with Elegant Themes for a yearly fee of $89, or a one time lifetime access fee of $249. At Nobuna, you can get Divi for $20.99, and that includes free updates! Now, when you sign up with Elegant Themes you do get access to all of their themes. However, if you’re like me and you’ve spent a lot of effort getting your blog or website to look the way you want it to, you’re not going to be changing themes very often, so it’s just not worth it.

Nobuna Membership Plans

Nobuna membership plans include three levels:

  • A Monthly plan for $15
  • A Semester plan for $49, and
  • An Annual plan for $89.

Plus, all plans give full access to:

  • All premium themes and plugins on their site
  • Cancel your membership at any time
  • Access to free updates

Now consider Nobuna again, this time for their Annual Membership plan. It’s the same annual price as the Elegant Themes membership. Except with Nobuna you will get access to all premium themes and plugins on their site for the same $89. So for $89 you can downloaded any theme you want – Genesis, Divi, or whatever, and now you’re ahead of the curve. Your $89 has already paid for itself, and you still have access to every other plugin on Nobuna’s website.

Nobuna One-Off Theme or Plugin Purchases

If you already know what premium theme or plugin you want and don’t need a membership, that’s OK too.

The Nobuna membership plans are not mandatory.

If your requirement is only for a one-time purchase, then that’s all you need. And the best part is – you still get free updates from Nobuna for your one-off purchases.

How Can Nobuna Charge So Little for Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins?

OK, so I bet you’re now asking what’s the catch!

Well, no catch really, it’s perfectly legal!  WordPress is distributed using a software license system known as GPL, or General Public License. GPL is an open-source software license which allows the user to do a few things with it:

  • use the software for any purpose
  • redistribute the software to anyone
  • access the source code and change it for his/her own purpose
  • redistribute the modified software to anyone

Now, many think the GPL implies free software, and that’s not the case. It simply means the freedom to do what you want with it. Heck, you could even try selling WordPress software if you want. Foolish, but perfectly legal.

According to Wikipedia“The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software.”

Because WordPress software is GPL, themes and plugins are considered derivatives of the WordPress software, and hence by default fall under the GPL terms.

What you actually get for the price you’re paying for Divi, or Genesis, or any other premium plugin or theme, is support and automatic updates. Now if support is important to you, then you should consider purchasing your theme or plugin from the original developer. The same with automatic updates.

Essentially, what Nobuna is doing is buying the software and reselling it to others at a lower price, hoping to profit by selling enough copies.

How Do I Update My Premium Themes and Plugins Purchased from Nobuna?

Nobuna allows you to download updates for any premium theme or premium plugin you’ve purchased from them. It’s not an automatic update, but manually updating plugins are very easy once know how. Nobuna even has these super easy instructions on how to do update your plugins and themes.

If you still have questions or concerns I suggest you give Nobuna’s FAQ section a read, it explains a lot better than I can do here.

I hope you’ve found this interesting and it helps you find that premium theme or plugin at a much lower price!


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