If i could leave Ten stars I would! As a blogger previously on WP.Com I knew I needed to go .Org! To allow the full freedom of utilising the site, exactly as I wish. Yet, from previously trying it solo, it’s not my niche!

I had the lovely Laura move my site (in just a few hours) In a truly seamless fashion! No bumps, everything up to the last second seemed untouched.
I am so happy with the result! The new theme looks amazing & as I’d thought, I do now have the option to play around with plug in’s, customisation etc. It’s everything I’d hoped for and more.

The support has also been amazing! From warmly dealing with my (very) many questions! Reassuring any concerns & even educating with tips and tricks as we’ve proceeded. I’ve learnt a lot and am now confident to take it from here. The wow factor I think is in the speed! From contemplating going .org for a year! To then see a total transformation within just a few hours, is incredible!

Rowena Fernando
March 6, 2018