I had for a long time considered swapping over from Blogger to WordPress but had been reluctant to pay a lot for a company to change me over and then just leave me to cope and not do exactly what I wanted. I was so lucky in finding Laura from Blogger2wp who has worked so hard in making my site exactly how I want it and I am seeing the benefits already. Everything was explained to me and all my questioned answered (and there were a lot of them!). At the end of an email Laura reassured me and solved issues as they arose even when it wasn’t at all linked to the transfer and just my isp being useless! I would not hesitate to recommend the service. I am already loving it and wishing I had moved across sooner. Without the professionalism and friendly approach I received though I don’t think I would have ben brave enough to move but I am glad I did.

Jen Mellor
January 23, 2018